Premium Fantasy Football League Tools

Premium Fantasy Football League Tools

Import your Yahoo, ESPN and Sleeper leagues with our premium league tools

Import your Yahoo, ESPN and Sleeper leagues with our premium league tools

Winning your league used to come down to who had the most organized spreadsheet. Throw away your pivot tables, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our premium league tools have been 3 years in the making and allow you to instantly import your Yahoo, ESPN, and Sleeper leagues to analyze your (and your opponents) team with our projections and in-season rankings to identify the right moves to help win your championship.

Play in a dynasty league? Turn on dynasty mode, which incorporates our dynasty rankings.

Unlock all of our premium league tools with an active Patreon subscription for $2/mo.

Want to see a summary of our premium league tools? Scroll down to find out what they do

Getting Access

You'll need an active Patreon subscription to gain access to these league tools. Patreon subscriptions are $2/mo and also give you ad-free access across the website and an invite to our private Slack channel.

First, sign up to Patreon using your email address via this link which will take you to our Patreon page. Then, create your account on this website using the same email address. If the email address used are the same you'll automatically gain access to the premium league tools. If you haven't, please email [email protected] with your details.

Import your league


These league tools automatically import data (teams, rosters, categories used, scoring system etc.) from Yahoo, ESPN, and Sleeper leagues.

League ID

To import your Yahoo league, you first need to locate your league id. If you go to your league home page, you can find it in 2 places (on the top left-hand corner or via your league's website URL). For the example below, the league id is 795:

You can locate your ESPN league id by going to your league's home page and taking it from the URL. For the example below, the league id is 256268232:

You can locate your Sleeper league id by going to your league's home page and taking it from the URL. For the example below, the league id is 795061468360990720:

Scoring type

The league tools are tailor-made for your scoring type and cover PPR, Half PPR, and standard scoring, and will automatically detect whether your league awards 4 or 6 points for QB TDs.

Dynasty league?

There's also an option to display dynasty-specific data such as our dynasty rankings, dynasty ADP data, and player's age. If you want dynasty mode turned on, select "yes".

Dynasty Mode


Turning dynasty mode on lets you view dynasty specific data such as our dynasty rankings, dynasty ADP data, and age.

You can turn dynasty mode on and off at any point using your league's settings.

League settings


The scoring system used for your league will automatically import when importing your league. Still, if you want to change the scoring type, dynasty mode, scoring system, or the default weighting of categories, then you can do so by clicking "settings" specific to your league.

Draft Tracker


The draft tracker lets you track your fantasy draft as it happens. It gives you:

  1. An update of the best available undrafted players
  2. An overview of every team's roster, and;
  3. An overview of your league's projected standings based on projected starters

You decide when to update the draft tracker by clicking the REFRESH button. Each refresh takes ~5 seconds. Refresh your league data once every round; 4 picks before your turn (to give you enough time to decide who to choose) or at the end of every round (to provide you with a good overview of league standings where each team has an even amount of players).

If your Yahoo league stops syncing, then you'll have to log in again to re-connect your league.

Tip: Don't click the refresh button until after the draft has started. Clicking it before the draft has started will cause issues since it's looking for drafted players to collect data.

Match-up Planner


Our match-up planner tries to predict your match-up for the week based on your and your opponents best lineup, and suggests players to add if there are available players projected to out score one of your starters.

Strength of Schedule


Our strength of schedule tool allows you to view the strength of each player's schedule for the season based on how many points their opponent allows to the player's position.

Trade Machine


Let's face it, a big part of playing fantasy football is the joy of trading. But there's no point in trading if it doesn't improve your team. This tool lets you create potential trades amongst any teams in the league to see how it impacts the rest of your league.

Fantasy Football Rankings


View player rankings for your league based on our projections or in-season rankings.

Dynasty mode shows you each player's dynasty rankings and age.